May 7, 2010

Dream Car

Other than the dream house, I also have a dream car. And when I dream, I dream big. So my pick is a Chrysler 300. This car has elegance and quality written all over it. Just looking at one can make me drool, ha ha! Should one choose to drive a Chrysler, one's self worth would increase a thousand fold! Wonder if my husband would look 100 times better when he drives one? But seriously, if I have the means to buy a car meant to last and make me feel good then this will be it. I mean, other than the comfort and mileage that this car has to offer, this is also a status symbol. While Toyotas are the working class car, a Chrysler gives you the impression of money and impeccable taste and that you belong to the rich and discerning class. And since there are a lot of Chrysler 300 accessories to choose from, then I would love this car more. I can customize or upgrade the interior and the lighting. I can customize the grills and trim to satisfy the obsessive person in me.

If I win the lottery today, can you guess what car I will buy today?

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