May 17, 2010

Floor Tiles or Kisame

If you have only a limited amount of money and you have to choose only one, which would be your priority: the floor tiles (including the kitchen tops and restroom) or the ceiling or kisame?

Its now time for the kid's enrollment and we still have a lot of stuff to buy for them. But we still want to save some for the house and we are thinking which one to do first. Of course, I haven't started any costings yet. I am actually procrastinating, thinking that once I do the math I have to commit to construction again. Since it is so hot today, I am thinking of doing the ceiling first. The workers gave us a pakyaw estimate of P15,000 for the whole house. But I think the bathroom and kitchen looks so unfinished without the tiles. As I type this, and thinking budget-wise, I think we really can do the ceiling first. The floor tiles would us an arm and a leg again!

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