May 27, 2010

Your Own Flash Website, Free!

If only building a dream house is as easy as building your own free website, then I won't be having this much trouble financially and emotionally. Did you know that there is this website builder, where you can build your own flash website even if you know nothing about programming and all that techie stuff? You just drag and drop and you have complete freedom on the designs. It is just so great to find out about something like this where you can flex your creative arm and surprise yourself with the results. I am heading there now to make for myself. But I am thinking if I should create one for my trying-hard photography skills, or for my online tips on parenting and family. Or maybe for my travels and great finds? I am just too excited and I will be sure to share my own flash website soon.

When I find a website that will help me build my house for free, then I know I am dreaming ;-)

1 comment:

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