June 1, 2010

Painting the House Blue

Blue is my husband's lucky color for this year so we want that color for the house. It used to be green, but look what happened, ha ha. Anyway, since this is a dream house project and we are low on funds, we will paint the house ourselves! So here are some instructions from well-meaning friends:

How to paint your house:
1. Neutralize the cement using cement neutralizer. Let dry overnight.
2. Apply primer, flat enamel using paint brush or roller.
3. Apply masonry putty on cracks and uneven surfaces.
4. Sand as needed.
5. Apply first coating using gloss latex.
6. Sand again if needed.
7. Apply final coating.

This looks simple enough. Of course, you can do without the masonry putty and the sanding if you are low on funds. You can just apply your first coating twice and then you are done. Since this will be done by weekend warriors like us, we hope we do a good job!