July 20, 2010

A Fund Raising for My House?

The idea for a fundraiser to build my house has entered my mind several times already during the past year. I know that there are easy fundraisers out there, but I believe that my need is not as urgent as others. That is what's stopping me from doing it. My sister's high school class did a magazine fundraising and donated the proceeds to their school to buy books and computers. I believe that to be a worthy cause and I gave some money quite generously. I dont know how people would feel when somebody asked them for money so she could build her house. I know that I will feel like I am being scammed, ha ha. But there are people who have been funding arts and I applaud their efforts. I think that if I were to make a fundraising for this house, it must be like the idea behind Gawad Kalinga where future owners of houses donate their time and effort to build their own and then help others build their houses too. I have joined in my company's Gawad Kalinga porjects and felt very good about myself for helping other people realize a dream of owning a decent house. I just hope that I can think of something creative and worthwhile to raise some funds for my own dream house.

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