October 26, 2010

Purple and Pink Rooms

The problem with D-I-Y in painting your own house is that you know nothing. You don't know how much wall space a liter of paint will really cover. It says there in the can that a liter of paint will cover 1.6 meters of wall, you believe it and then you ran out of paint on a Sunday when all paint stores are closed! So you end up with traveling an hour to go to your house, hoping to finish the two rooms and have it look beautifully pink and purple, only to ran out of it an hour since you started. You also realize that Light Wisteria and Valentine Pink, though they are cute enough colors, are not that popular and that some paint stores offer them by order only! The good thing is you learn, the rooms will be done by next week, and you will have excess paint to color the pots!

October 6, 2010

The View From My Office

I look out to this view everyday in my office ad I have to thank God for the beauty of His creation. Its a beautiful sight, even when its dark with rain clouds or black from smog. And to see the Manila Bay sunset is always a blessing. Of course, I can also see the mundane traffic and tell my friends to avoid these areas, ha ha. Anyway, this is such a beautiful sight, even at night.

But I wouldnt want to live in a building as tall as this. I still want a house, with a lot on land. If I should buy a condominium, it will be as an investment and to rent it out but not for me and my family to live. Remember the movie 2012?