November 30, 2010

Almost Over!

The current phase of the construction of our dream house is almost over. The floors are tiled already, except for some that has to be repeated because of damage.

This is the kitchen and it is almost done, except for the grout. We are still saving up for the cabinets so that will have to do for now. A closer view of the kitchen top below.This is going to be the dining area. The serving counter near the window is my husband's request and it still has to be tiled to match the kitchen counter.This is the rest room. The lavatory at the right has yet to be installed.
This is the terrace that is not yet finished until now. I hope it will be done this week so we can finally enjoy our home.
This phase is almost over and then we will save some more to begin construction of the ceiling and the cabinets. Hay, this is really a never-ending process but I love how our dream house is turning out. This is really the product of our sweat, blood and tears and I love it to bits!

November 17, 2010

My House or My Body?

I am such in a state of excitement over the improvement in our house that I have been ignoring my body lately. I am okay with being covered in paint while painting under the glaring sun just for the sheer love of this dream house! I have stopped going to the gym for a week now and I know I look like I need a mini tummy tuck already. Since I am always tired, I eat a lot, hence the bloating, ha ha! If I had the money to spare, I would go for a California breast augmentation or a California liposuction, seriously! I am as vain as the next girl but maybe more practical than most so I give priority to building the house. Most of our 13th month pay will be spent in the house so I will only be able to spend some money for my hair re bonding. That is the only thing that I am getting for myself this year and I am not complaining. I am betting on the lotto tonight and I win the 450 million peso jackpot, I just may get that liposuction and the breast augmentation done in California, USA!

November 12, 2010

A Temporary Garden

How will I prevent the space in front of my house from being the neighborhood's trash bin? Well, I have to keep it clean of course! This was the before photo, or after Ondoy, or during the construction. All the mud that we scooped from the house were dumped here, and the neighborhood followed suit!
So one weekend that we were there, we cleaned it up and it looked a lot better after. It was no easy task because my husband was at work and it was just, my sister Kris and my eldest son who did the grueling work!
But the neighbor's front yard looked like this! But I cant put plants here that would require watering since we only come during weekends. So my solution, to prevent having the front of my house from becoming dirty again, and yet need not worry about taking care of them, I planted these. And look what I found from all those rubbish? A Mango tree!

So this is my temporary garden. I hope to plant better looking plants once we move in.

November 4, 2010

All About Tiles

Here is the section of my house that is begging to be tiled, the kitchen and the bathroom. The portions that were not painted white will be tiled with below choices. We are just waiting for a good rate from a refutable handyman.
This 8x8 tile will be the flooring for the bathroom. At P11 each, its is cheaper in Handyman than in tile stores in Montalban and Marikina.
It was a choice between these 8x12 tiles for the walls of the bathroom, but the later won because of the price. This one below is P33 each, while the other one is only P13.50. I guess we will just choose a nice border to compliment the simple tulip design.

I am still unable to decide as to the color of the kitchen tiles because when you are facing so many designs, it is very difficult to choose. So what we did was to agree on the color (blue) and price range (P12-P15) and then we will just buy what we want once we get the quotation for labor from the handyman. I am so excited to see how this will turn out!