November 30, 2010

Almost Over!

The current phase of the construction of our dream house is almost over. The floors are tiled already, except for some that has to be repeated because of damage.

This is the kitchen and it is almost done, except for the grout. We are still saving up for the cabinets so that will have to do for now. A closer view of the kitchen top below.This is going to be the dining area. The serving counter near the window is my husband's request and it still has to be tiled to match the kitchen counter.This is the rest room. The lavatory at the right has yet to be installed.
This is the terrace that is not yet finished until now. I hope it will be done this week so we can finally enjoy our home.
This phase is almost over and then we will save some more to begin construction of the ceiling and the cabinets. Hay, this is really a never-ending process but I love how our dream house is turning out. This is really the product of our sweat, blood and tears and I love it to bits!

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