December 28, 2010

Our First Party!

We hosted our first party, a Post-Christmas party at the dream house and we were delighted to have our closest family and friends to share the moment with us!
We were happy that they shared this occasion to thank the Lord for blessing us with the means and the perseverance to build this house. They were really the ones we wanted to share this joy with. My friends were the same set of people who helped us shovel mud out of this house. They were the same ones who never let us lose hope in this home. I wish my sister and her family was here to, but she was sick. But I know that she is very happy for me for having this house.
My husband, happily sharing the moment with his friends. If he could burst with pride, he would! Below are some pictures of our family travels to adorn the walls.
And of course, he had to buy this dining set in time before the first guests arrive. I call this dining set my belated Christmas gift from my husband for me. Pictured here also is my mother's day rice cooker. If you notice, I am not much into gifts for myself but I enjoy immensely gifts for the house!
This is my dream house. It is not yet done, but the dream is well on track. We hope to share with our families and friends more happy occasion in this home.
We hope that this continuing story of how we are trying to go for our dream inspire people out there to continue dreaming and working to get it, no matter what. Merry Christmas and Happy New year, everyone!

December 15, 2010

Next Project: Ceiling

This is going to be our next project for the house and it will cost us around P20-25K. I wanted to spend some more of our 13th month pay for this but we hesitated at the last minute because we might end up eating at the neighbor's house during Noche Buena! Ha ha!

So I guess we might postpone this to first quarter of next year. I think by summer, we will really need that ceiling to protect us from the blistering heat of March and April!

By the way, the kids loved how the house turned out and my husband and I just loved how they said "Wow" when they first entered the house. It was all worth it!

December 13, 2010

Online Christmas Shopping

Its only 12 days before Christmas but I have not begun my shopping! I have not made a list yet, let alone check it twice! I have been so busy with the house so I was really not into shopping this year. Besides, most of our Christmas pay has been used in the house already. But what with the kids making a countdown and the over all atmosphere of the season being laid upon us, I cant just wait till the season is done before I do my shopping. But since we are so busy at weekends with parties and I don't have to go to malls and bazaars to my shopping, I will do most of it online! I found the perfect site for it already and I know that I will be done with most of my list today. I feel so lucky when my friend told me about Sierra Trading Post free shipping code since I would need the extra saving on this. A free shipping promo code is very important because the money that I would otherwise spend on paying for rush shipping can be used to buy more gifts to cross out on my list! So if you need Sierra Trading Post free shipping codes, please feel free to grab them here!So bye for now because I think I just saw this lovely lamp that would look divine in my house!

December 8, 2010

All I want for my kids

Last night while watching a movie on TV, we saw the Coliseum in Rome and my husband said he dream of going there one day. He said to my 8-year old son to buy us tickets to Rome when he is old and working already and while we can still walk. I smiled at my husband because we were thinking of the same thing. My little girl piped in and asked what we want from her when she is big already and I said I just want her to be happy. She insisted and so I told her I want her to be a nurse and in my mind, I was already seeing her in those cute nursing uniforms. I was already thinking of buying her several sets of nursing scrubs tops and I was already bursting with pride just thinking about it! I just wish that when that time comes, it is still easy to look for medical uniform store that sells quality garments. I don't know if my daughter would really want to be a nurse one day but in my heart I know that she can be a good one. She is caring and sweet and has compassion for people. I just wish that she will not change when she gets older and there are more distractions in her life. I cant get over my image of her on one of those medical scrubs and uniforms. And I was still smiling as they moved on to another topic.

December 6, 2010

Proud as a Mother Hen!

This is my house now and I am as proud as a mother hen! All our efforts have paid off and I am loving how my house is now. Of course, since this is a work in progress, there are still a lot of things that need to done but I will worry about all of them later. I will just enjoy my home!

My beautiful blue bathroom!
And tiled floor outside. Okay, it still has to be cleaned but I wanted to take pictures already.
See, we are very near our dream of building this house. All it takes is a lot of patience and a lot of prayers and a lot of faith.