December 8, 2010

All I want for my kids

Last night while watching a movie on TV, we saw the Coliseum in Rome and my husband said he dream of going there one day. He said to my 8-year old son to buy us tickets to Rome when he is old and working already and while we can still walk. I smiled at my husband because we were thinking of the same thing. My little girl piped in and asked what we want from her when she is big already and I said I just want her to be happy. She insisted and so I told her I want her to be a nurse and in my mind, I was already seeing her in those cute nursing uniforms. I was already thinking of buying her several sets of nursing scrubs tops and I was already bursting with pride just thinking about it! I just wish that when that time comes, it is still easy to look for medical uniform store that sells quality garments. I don't know if my daughter would really want to be a nurse one day but in my heart I know that she can be a good one. She is caring and sweet and has compassion for people. I just wish that she will not change when she gets older and there are more distractions in her life. I cant get over my image of her on one of those medical scrubs and uniforms. And I was still smiling as they moved on to another topic.

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