December 13, 2010

Online Christmas Shopping

Its only 12 days before Christmas but I have not begun my shopping! I have not made a list yet, let alone check it twice! I have been so busy with the house so I was really not into shopping this year. Besides, most of our Christmas pay has been used in the house already. But what with the kids making a countdown and the over all atmosphere of the season being laid upon us, I cant just wait till the season is done before I do my shopping. But since we are so busy at weekends with parties and I don't have to go to malls and bazaars to my shopping, I will do most of it online! I found the perfect site for it already and I know that I will be done with most of my list today. I feel so lucky when my friend told me about Sierra Trading Post free shipping code since I would need the extra saving on this. A free shipping promo code is very important because the money that I would otherwise spend on paying for rush shipping can be used to buy more gifts to cross out on my list! So if you need Sierra Trading Post free shipping codes, please feel free to grab them here!So bye for now because I think I just saw this lovely lamp that would look divine in my house!

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