December 28, 2010

Our First Party!

We hosted our first party, a Post-Christmas party at the dream house and we were delighted to have our closest family and friends to share the moment with us!
We were happy that they shared this occasion to thank the Lord for blessing us with the means and the perseverance to build this house. They were really the ones we wanted to share this joy with. My friends were the same set of people who helped us shovel mud out of this house. They were the same ones who never let us lose hope in this home. I wish my sister and her family was here to, but she was sick. But I know that she is very happy for me for having this house.
My husband, happily sharing the moment with his friends. If he could burst with pride, he would! Below are some pictures of our family travels to adorn the walls.
And of course, he had to buy this dining set in time before the first guests arrive. I call this dining set my belated Christmas gift from my husband for me. Pictured here also is my mother's day rice cooker. If you notice, I am not much into gifts for myself but I enjoy immensely gifts for the house!
This is my dream house. It is not yet done, but the dream is well on track. We hope to share with our families and friends more happy occasion in this home.
We hope that this continuing story of how we are trying to go for our dream inspire people out there to continue dreaming and working to get it, no matter what. Merry Christmas and Happy New year, everyone!


  1. congratulations on your new house! hope to visit it sometime. Happy New Year!

  2. i prayed that God will continuously blessed your family.
    blessed be your house.

  3. congratz sis. i love the new couch, looks elegant.