March 16, 2011

My House is Right Smack in the Valley Fault Line!

I am not an alarmist.I cant read maps to save my life. So I dearly hope I am wrong and that the area where my Montalban house is (which is somewhere in the purple encircled portion) within the safe area of the Valley Fault System. My house is in San Jose or Burgos ,Montalban, Rizal. The map is from the Philvocs website because I saw the Director on TV telling us that we can check if our house is in the danger zone should a major earthquake happen in the country.Am I wrong or am I wrong? I pray that I am wrong. I admit that I didn't do my homework and I didnt check if the house that I was buying was near these active faults. So I will just pray that I am wrong! With everything that is happening in Japan, I wish this wont happen in the country soon.

March 10, 2011

Robinsons Malls Hot Summer Sale!

All Robinson's Malls are having their Hot Summer Sale on March 18, 19 and 20! It is actually in time for the release of leave conversion moolah's so maybe I can buy something for the house! Its good (and its bad too!) that Robinsons Galleria is just a building from my office!

Reminder to self: Shop for home essentials only! He he!

March 9, 2011

I want these Nipa Huts

We went on a 4 days, 3 nights vacation to Pueto Princesa City and one of the places we visited in the city was the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm. The place looks so peaceful and calm and these nipa huts caught my attention. Prisoners were lounging on these huts and I really love how peaceful they look, like they have no care in the world. If I have money and can have my own farm, I want these Nipa Huts too!

We loved our vacation and it was really good for the soul. But if we did not go on that vacation, we already have new beds for the house, ha ha!

Dress Proudly for the Job

I have always looked up to people in uniforms. I love how cops and military men look so proper wearing their uniform and I always feel protected when I am with them. I love priests and nuns and feel secure in their presence because of the purity that their white cassocks bring. I love the primness of teachers and appreciate the seriousness of their job. I love bank tellers at how efficient they look on their crisp uniforms. I especially love the medical professionals, especially the nurses on their nursing scrubs. They look so efficient and caring at the same time wearing their scrub clothing and I always feel safe on their hands. If they can maintain their clean look on a nurse uniform while doing a very serious job, I believe that they are dedicated in making the patient feel well-cared for. I believe that their uniform makes them stand out as public servants. Dressing proudly for the job and sometimes a calling, nurses and doctors are on top of my list. I wish one of my children someday would wear these white uniforms and serve other people with utmost sincerity. That day will make me a very proud parent indeed!

March 2, 2011

Life Skills from School

Whenever my friends or family ask me why I love gardening or crafts, I can only answer truthfully that I was influenced by my elementary school teacher. Part of our lessons then were planting bermuda grass on the school grounds and other flowers and we were each assigned a partner and a plot of soil to work on. My partner and I almost always were given the top prize. In sewing class, I can still remember that we were taught to make our own lab coats in preparation for our high school biology. Our lab coats then were not as chic looking as scrubs now, but it was well worth it because we wore it proudly! I learned how to use the sewing machine in school and since we don't have one at home where I have to finish my project, I learned to sew beautifully by hand as well. There are other craft works that I can still remember now like the copper money tree and the soap carving decors and I wish that my kids are also able to learn life skills from school. I know that I can make them a lab coat if absolutely necessary and I can teach them to make one too! It does not matter that I know where I can buy, but it does matter to me that I know that I can make them. I am thankful for those teachers who taught me life skills that I am still finding very useful until now.