March 9, 2011

Dress Proudly for the Job

I have always looked up to people in uniforms. I love how cops and military men look so proper wearing their uniform and I always feel protected when I am with them. I love priests and nuns and feel secure in their presence because of the purity that their white cassocks bring. I love the primness of teachers and appreciate the seriousness of their job. I love bank tellers at how efficient they look on their crisp uniforms. I especially love the medical professionals, especially the nurses on their nursing scrubs. They look so efficient and caring at the same time wearing their scrub clothing and I always feel safe on their hands. If they can maintain their clean look on a nurse uniform while doing a very serious job, I believe that they are dedicated in making the patient feel well-cared for. I believe that their uniform makes them stand out as public servants. Dressing proudly for the job and sometimes a calling, nurses and doctors are on top of my list. I wish one of my children someday would wear these white uniforms and serve other people with utmost sincerity. That day will make me a very proud parent indeed!

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