April 26, 2011

Sunny Side Up!


What's for breakfast?
This was what we had for breakfast at our dream house, together with fried tuyo, pandesal and coffee. Since we have no refrigerator here, we have to buy food that will not spoil. So I bought a tray of eggs, some tuyo, some canned goods and noodles! More like refugee food. Good thing it was lent and the kids did not complain that there was no meat to be had! But it was a very delicious breakfast, I tell you!
Oh, and there was this fried and crispy galunggong for lunch too! Yummy indeedy!


  1. thanks for your comment...
    wow I love those foods...so yummy! always go with fish than with meats or porks..;)visiting you back...;)

  2. those last ones are new on me but eggs are something we eat nearly daily here looks like some great eats