June 24, 2011

Not Another Ondoy, Please!

This was my house in 2009 after Ondoy. And the heavy rains brought by Falcon is making me and my family very nervous! We have made so much improvement to the house and we have appliances and furnitures there now so I hope there wont be a repeat of Ondoy!
But its Friday now and the typhoon should have left already but there are still heavy rains and its really making me restless! Dear God, please not another Ondoy!

June 7, 2011

House Hunting!

While I do love my house to bits, I know that given a chance, meaning enough money to look for another property, I will grab it right away! The location of our house is not very accessible to our work because it is an hour away by motorcycle. Okay, maybe it will just take a while for us to get used to the distance because we are now living some 15 minutes away from work and school and church and malls! But I know that should I ever win the lottery, I will definitely look for a property near Pasig or Antipolo. But still, I love my home! My friend Christa was just on the phone with me a while ago because she was looking at diamond bar homes for sale and she cant decide what to buy! There are lots of real estate in diamond bar and she cant make up her mind on what she intend to invest her money on. Truth be told, I envy her because money is not her problem but that she is overwhelmed by the many beautiful choices. I just told her to visit each and every one and she will definitely fall in love with one property. House hunting is never easy but I am sure that if I were on her shoes, I will surely enjoy it!