September 30, 2011

Typhoon Pedring: Ondoy Redux

This could have been my home and I am lucky that this time around, our place was spared. The picture above was taken at a home in San Mateo, Rizal which was very near our place in Montalban. My neighbors were already at the evacuation center at around 2 pm on Wednesday when I was texting them how they were at the height of Typhoon Pedring's fury. I texted them again in the evening but they only replied in the morning of the following day to say that they were already back at their house and that the water thankful didn't reach inside our homes. While I was able to breathe a sigh of relief, I was thinking when will it happen again. I guess you can say that our resolve to move again to our dream home has once again dimmed. Unlike residents in Provident Village whose homes were once again submerged in water, only Ondoy was able to destroy our home so far but the dreadful sense of loss and helplessness remains. I don't know if we will feel safe again in this home whenever there is a typhoon so I don't know what will happen in the future. I don't know.

September 26, 2011

Remembering Ondoy

We will never forget the devastation of Typhoon Ondoy two years ago. We were one of the lucky ones who only suffered damage to property because the unlucky ones lost loved ones and not just property.
But the said thing is, after the calamity, we are back to ignoring nature and all the things that have caused us to suffer this much are back again. Our forests are still denuded, our drainage systems are still clogged and a lot more. Hay, I just pray that Ondoy will never happen again because we are not prepared.

September 21, 2011

Pacquiao's House in LA, California

This is old news but I only saw this today so please allow me to express my amazement at this beautiful house of the Pacquaio's in Los Angles, California as featured in PEP magazine. I know that they have also bought another new home, the one in Forbes Park this year and I am really happy for the couple and their family. My ultimate dream is to own a beautiful home and this is really something that I envy them. I just wish I have the money to buy a home as amazing as this.

So, check out more photos of this drool-worthy house at PEP at this link.

September 15, 2011

After 6 Years of Paying Amortization

Our home loan was approved in 2005 and after 6 years of paying monthly amortization, we have paid only 34% of the principal loan amount! This is for a 15 year-loan. Of our monthly amortization, only 16% of that is being deducted from the principal. That is why we decided to pay more than our monthly due because the excess will be charged to the principal amount. This way, we will lessen the number of years we will have to pay the house. We plan on paying some more using our extra money like bonuses and the like, but again, life gets in way. There are more bills to pay and living expenses that has to be prioritized! Oh well,we knew what we were getting into when we took out this home loan and I guess we really just have to live with our choice especially because it will lead to the realization of our dream: that of owning our own home!

And if you want to find out how to compute your mortgage real estate payments, see this mortgage calculator from Foreclosure Philippines.

September 2, 2011

Would You Like Some Tax Refund with That?

One of the paperwork that I dread yearly is the computation of income tax, especially when I need to pay more than what was already deducted from my salary. While it is easier for employees like me because our tax is computed automatically and deducted from our pay, there are purchases and other expenses that can still minimize the amount of tax we need to pay. However, computing these deductions manually and doing the necessary paperwork is sometimes too tedious you would think its not worth the refund anymore. Good thing that there is tax extension deadline that gives you more time to work on it and see if you can get the biggest tax refund possible. I actually look forward to the month of February because that is the time we are informed whether we qualify for a refund or not. However, since I have not filed any additional dependents nor changed my status, I am stuck to not getting any refund. But since I pay for my kid's education and pay amortization on my house and my second-hand car, I think I should at least get something by way of refund! I am now checking out how to work these things when I saw Turbo Tax Deluxe and I hope I can make my filings in time and with more tax refund to look forward to!