November 14, 2011

My Sampaguita Plant

Other than reading and blogging, gardening is one of my passion. I have lots of plants in my tiny backyard but for the life of me, I cannot grow a flowering plant! Except for a bougainvillaea, all my plants are just vines and hanging plants. I have never made an orchid bloom too! So when I saw this Sampaguita plant being sold in Divisoria early this year, I made sure that it has roots already.So I was so sure that this plant would live under my care. But it stopped growing leaves and almost wilted. So I moved it some place where there was direct sunlight. It was difficult finding such spot because we have this high wall and sunlight only reaches the plants for some two hours in the morning but I did manage to find one and thankfully, it has now sprouted new leaves! Soon, we will have Sampaguita flowers in our mini garden. Ignore the fact that I don't have a sense of smell and will not be able to enjoy the scent because I can still imagine it anyway!