December 1, 2011

I Hate You, Manila Water

The last time that we went to our house in Montalban was in October and that was two months ago. We were either too busy, too lazy or something else, but we didn't visit the house for exactly two months until yesterday. We came from QC Memorial Circle for some family fun and exercise, and then we went to the house, hoping to rest after cleaning up, because we were sure was in such a state! Unfortunately, I didn't expect that Manila Water will disconnect our water service even though we have no consumption for those two months! Our neighbor said that a team from Manila Water was there early this week to disconnect the service and since nobody was living in our house, we were not able to run to the nearest payment center to settle our dues just like they and most of our neighbors did. Our bill for the month of October was P69.70 and for November, P72.45 which was for "minimum" (meaning zero) consumption. I can understand that they will disconnect the service for unpaid water that you use but when you didn't use even a drop of their water, the least they could do was to call your attention first! And they even have the gall to bill you for reconnection fee of P474.36 was was 7x more than our monthly bill! I really hate Manila Water right now. Good thing our neighbors were such great people and they offered their water for us which we use to clean the house! So my husband paid the bill and the reconnection fee at 7-11 and I called the 1627 hotline to tell them that I have paid them already and they should connect my water service right away. Of course, they told me last night that it will take them a maximum of 3-5 days before they connect it, but I wouldn't hear any of it. I called again this morning and was told that they have already reported it to the Marikina Business Office and that I should expect to get a call from them within the day once service has been reconnected. Of course, I will call them again later today if I don't hear anything!

And what is the moral of the story? Pay Manila Water even though you did not use any water? I guess that is the price we have to pay for having such services privatized! And Manila Water must not say that they provide water service because there was no service involved here, just business. Sigh.

Update: As of December 2, 623 pm our water connection has not been restored according to their hotline 1627. Can you imagine having no water for more than 2 days? What if we live at the house and they are taking this long to reconnect the service? I hate you Manila Water!

Another update: Last December 2 at 1048pm, I received a text from 09273286584, saying 'gud pm po. service provider po ito ng manila water nareopen n po ung metero ung nov 30 pa po. pakicheck n lang po ung gatevalve' I groggily replied Thanks, will do that. And then by December 3 at 1059am, I received another text from the same number 'mam gud am po. nareopen n po namin ang servisyo ng tubig nyo wala pong tao. nov 30 pa po. salamat po. So two texts from the service provider but they didnt report it to their 1627 hotline from November 30 to December 2 at 623 pm? Yeah right because I have no way of knowing who is telling the truth: the hotline or the service provider, I will just assume that they just reopened after my irate call on December 2! And I still hate Manila Water!

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