December 29, 2011

Our Christmas Dinner Feast

These is our humble Christmas dinner feast, each a request from a member of the family. The palabok came from my sister-in-law's kids.
This spiral salad is my favorite. I bought 5 kilos of spiral pasta on sale at our office and I think I have enough pasta to last me a year!
This spiral pasta is for my mother. We also gave some to our neighbors and then we also had it the following day. I also had this for lunch the following Monday!
This graham mango cake is my eldest son's request and it was the biggest hit of all. They would have finished it in one sitting if I didn't intervene!
Danniel asked for the fried chicken and with Mang Tomas, it was perfect!
And this sweet, chili shrimp is requested by my sister Kris. I will make a separate post on it later. Not on the individual picture but on the table spread above is the grilled tilapia and bangus that my husband requested. It was just a simple dinner feast and would you believe that we also have enough for breakfast the following day? This coming media noche, requests are already coming in and I am excited for this feast as well :)

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