December 9, 2011

The YakiMIX Ambiance

If I were to dream a little bigger for my dream house, I want something as elaborate as these chandeliers hanging at the buffet area of YakiMIX in Podium. I love how it made the place look like an expensive hotel lobby.
It looks very classy. I love the ceiling as well and would love to have something like that in my dream home.I also love the dining area and the wall panels and decors. Very tasteful indeed. And I love the ambiance that made the dining experience very memorable!
I have to insert a joke here :
Erap: Sarap sa YakiMIX, okay ang ambiance!
Pedro: Spell ambiance?
Erap: Ay mali. Okay sa YakiMIX, sarap ng food!

He He.

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