January 17, 2012

Weekend Warriors: Front Yard Clean Up

If you look at this post, and this post, you will see that my house overlooks a nice farm and a view of the mountains. But the after Ondoy clean-up, most of the mud from the houses were dumped on the lot in front of our house, just across the perimeter fence. Over time, it obstructs the view and has grown lots of weeds and looks ugly!So one weekend, the weekend warriors strikes again for operation front yard clean up! My husband, armed with a shovel, a knife and a heavy pointed metal something, decided that our front yard deserves a make-over.I helped too, by pruning the weeds and cutting the grass. Then I planted this malunggay cutting from a nearby tree to add as bakod and for future cooking needs! While we were doing this, the owner or caretaker of the land in front of us was harvesting and shared with us some fresh pechay, perfect for our lunch of Nilagang Baboy! Here is my mom, posing with her pechay!
And after several hours, and when all that we ate for our breakfast has been burned from all that hard work, here is how our front yard looks now! Tada!

Its not much to look at right now, and yes, it rained and we had to continue with our work while it was raining and nobody was complaining because it was fun, but it will soon look a lot better. We did it last January 8 and since we will go back to the house this coming weekend, we just hope that it would look a lot better by then. I will also bring my boungavilla plants to add to those I have already planted because their thorns will be great bakod for the perimeter fence.

January 9, 2012

Our First Breakfast at the Dream House

We spend our first weekend at the house last Saturday because my husband had two days off when he took his leave. We first went to QC Memorial Circle in the morning and after a few hours of exercise, we went home to Montalban. And this is our breakfast: scrambled egg, pandesal, rice and tuyo, and coffee! It was a simple breakfast, made special by the fact that we are all together, and eating at our very own home. Life's simple pleasures, this is our first breakfast at home for 2012. I will continue to pray that we will be blessed with financial blessings this year so we can finally build the second floor of the house so we can move in!

January 4, 2012

Our New Year Feast!

Prepare to salivate over these delicious feast that we prepare for our media noche. Actually, I cant remember that they looked this delicious while my mom and I were cooking. But now that I am posting them and I am already on a diet, they look extra yummy, ha ha!For long life, my mom's pancit canton. She only cooked half a kilo and it was such a hit it almost didn't make it to dinner!And then there is this grilled liempo that my eldest child requested.Since we were not cooking any poulty products because luck might fly away, here is another pork dish: my mom's menudo. It is to die for, I kid you not!And every body's favorite grilled tilapia.And here is my Pinaputok na Tilapia, requested by my husband.
Next on the list is this lumpiang shanghai. I only bought half a kilo of ground meat so this was just enough for the whole family and there was even some to spare for lunch the following day.
And this is the tokwa that my husband wanted. I dont know why but he loves them too much, ha ha!.
And then these suman, the requisite sticky meal to make the family stick together are from the province.
And these pasta for long life, are from my husband's niece, as well as these sandwiches below.
These tacos are requested by my kids from my kumpare. They were too good!
And here is the the family who believes that the family that eats together, stays together!
It was indeed a feast and we all had a very wonderful New Year! It indeed bodes well for a prosperous 2012 for our family :)

January 2, 2012

The View In Front of My House

This is the view in front of my dream house. I took these photos last December 30 when we visited our house to get some left over paint and painting stuff for the other house. It looks so peaceful and calm and we never wanted to leave!
This other photo was taken at the right side and you can see the river from here. And memories of Ondoy and Sendong rushes in. Oh well, let us just wait and see what happens this year. If it is God's will that we will move to this house anytime soon, then it will happen.

Should I Let Trees Grow In Front of My House?

When we visited the house last December 30, I saw two Santol trees growing in front of my house. I don't know if these were planted by my neighbors or they just happen to grow there but they were not there a month ago. I am not sure if I want these trees growing in front of my house. My mother said it is okay just in case we get flooded again, at least there is a tree where we can hold on to (Sendong or Ondoy scenario). But I was thinking what if a storm with strong wind hits the tree and it falls on the house?
In the morning, the sun shines directly on this tree because the sunlight comes from behind the house. I would think that this tree will grow nicely if I were to let it. But if I have a choice, I would rather plant a mango tree, instead of a Santol tree. I am still thinking whether to pull the tree or not but I don't think I will kill it. Most likely, I will just transfer it to another side. Oh well, I still have a month to decide whether to let those trees grow in front of my house or not. Any thoughts?