January 2, 2012

Should I Let Trees Grow In Front of My House?

When we visited the house last December 30, I saw two Santol trees growing in front of my house. I don't know if these were planted by my neighbors or they just happen to grow there but they were not there a month ago. I am not sure if I want these trees growing in front of my house. My mother said it is okay just in case we get flooded again, at least there is a tree where we can hold on to (Sendong or Ondoy scenario). But I was thinking what if a storm with strong wind hits the tree and it falls on the house?
In the morning, the sun shines directly on this tree because the sunlight comes from behind the house. I would think that this tree will grow nicely if I were to let it. But if I have a choice, I would rather plant a mango tree, instead of a Santol tree. I am still thinking whether to pull the tree or not but I don't think I will kill it. Most likely, I will just transfer it to another side. Oh well, I still have a month to decide whether to let those trees grow in front of my house or not. Any thoughts?

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