January 17, 2012

Weekend Warriors: Front Yard Clean Up

If you look at this post, and this post, you will see that my house overlooks a nice farm and a view of the mountains. But the after Ondoy clean-up, most of the mud from the houses were dumped on the lot in front of our house, just across the perimeter fence. Over time, it obstructs the view and has grown lots of weeds and looks ugly!So one weekend, the weekend warriors strikes again for operation front yard clean up! My husband, armed with a shovel, a knife and a heavy pointed metal something, decided that our front yard deserves a make-over.I helped too, by pruning the weeds and cutting the grass. Then I planted this malunggay cutting from a nearby tree to add as bakod and for future cooking needs! While we were doing this, the owner or caretaker of the land in front of us was harvesting and shared with us some fresh pechay, perfect for our lunch of Nilagang Baboy! Here is my mom, posing with her pechay!
And after several hours, and when all that we ate for our breakfast has been burned from all that hard work, here is how our front yard looks now! Tada!

Its not much to look at right now, and yes, it rained and we had to continue with our work while it was raining and nobody was complaining because it was fun, but it will soon look a lot better. We did it last January 8 and since we will go back to the house this coming weekend, we just hope that it would look a lot better by then. I will also bring my boungavilla plants to add to those I have already planted because their thorns will be great bakod for the perimeter fence.

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