February 28, 2012

Should I go abroad so I can build this house?

Truth be told, other than winning the lottery or learning that Henry Sy is my father, the only way that we can build the second floor of our house is if one of us goes abroad to work. My eldest son will be going to college in two years and we need to start saving money. We cant rely on just our salary anymore now that educational expenses are so expensive. If we don't manage our finances now, we will be in over our head. And the first expense that has to be shelved, is the dream of building our second floor. But for me, going abroad defeats the purpose of building a home for my family. Oh well, then all future projects for this house is now on hold. Unless I win the lotto of course. Or suddenly discover that my last name is Sy :)


  1. No need to do that i supposed. As long as you are hardworking, it wouldn't be impossible.
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  2. Study hard and work hard. Trust in the Lord with all your heart nothing is impossible.

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