February 14, 2012

To Rent or Not To Rent Out Our Home

Two of my three kids have been hospitalized because of dengue. We do not have health cards for them because its too costly and so we had way too many expenses just one and a half month into 2012. So, here is the question again: should we rent out our dream house and minimize our monthly expense, or continue holding unto the dream of finally being able to move to this home in the future?

The question of to rent or not to rent out our home has cropped up again and I think this time, I am seriously considering it, unlike when I didn't want to some three years ago. I think, we really should just rent it out should there be some takers and use the money we pay for amortization monthly, elsewhere. I have also been reading some articles on which is wiser, renting pr buying and I am making a study of our own experience. I will make an analysis (I know, why only now) and share it here. But in the meantime, I serious talk with the hubby is in the offing to try and convince him to rent out or home. Ouch, this is going to be emotionally painful.

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