March 28, 2012

Manila Water Price Hike!?!

A few months ago, I wrote about how I hated Manila Water because they disconnected our water service even when we had zero consumption and then I had to pay more for the reconnection fee than for the actual bill. After that, I put a reminder on my calendar to call their 1627 hotline to inquire about my bill so that I wont have to pay for reconnection ever again.
Last month, I called to inquire about my bill and was surprised to hear that I had to pay around P135 again for minimum consumption. I thought okay, we were there for one weekend and we cleaned the house so maybe we consumed more than the usual so I just paid for it again. Then when I called again last week, my bill was again around P135 and when I asked my mother in law to get the billing from the house, I saw that it is now around that price. I checked and true enough, they did hiked their prices starting this year! And when you check the bill, you see that you are almost paying for all their operating expenses and improvements!
That is the problem when utilities are privatized and we cant to do any thing but pay! Hay.