April 27, 2012

Cool Hanging Lamps

I saw these cool hanging lamps from a KFC store in Shangri-La Mall. They caught my attention because the design were made of leaves and they are really beautiful!
I like this yellow lamp and I think that this would look good in my dining area! I just hope that this could be pulled down and pushed up as needed.
And this big red hanging lamp would look just right in my living room!  I love how it can be dimmed or lighted depending on the mood.  

Oh how I wish I have more money for my dream house so I can enjoy these things in my house soon!

Credit Card Tips

I used to own a lot of credit cards.  I accepted each and every card I get from each and every bank that would give me pre-approved cards. And I felt such a millionaire that I bought lots of useless things and just swiped it all.  Then came the bills that brought me crashing back to reality: I was drowning in debt! After that, I surrendered all my credit cards and I am still paying off some of them until now.  If  I had my wits with me then and I didn't get so excited about what I thought was free cash, I wouldn't be in this situation right now.  I should have read about proper usage and credit card tips the moment I had my hands on them!  Now, I only use my friend's credit card so that I am sure to pay it on time and only for very important stuff.  And for those of you who are new to using credit cards, I would like to share some of these tips:

1. Keep your credit cards at home and bring it only if you really need it.
2. If you really to buy something with your credit card, check for freebies and other offers.  That way you get to save some money.
3. Pay it off in full on time. Saves you from a lot of finance charges.
4. If you need to buy something, check for installments that offers zero interest. Easier on the pocket.
5. Keep only 2 cards at the most.

So happy responsible spending to all of  you!

April 20, 2012

Online Back up and Disaster Recovery

Do you regularly back-up your blog and other online storage? I am ashamed to admit that I have never even done it once for the longest time that I have been blogging and only yesterday when I found out that my friend's email has been hacked and she cant access anything did it crossed my mind to check it out! I am now looking at zetta.net and checking out thoroughly how I may have an enterprise-grade online back-up and disaster recovery plan set-up. It is really not a laughing matter because I can see how frustrated my friend is and she has been blogging longer than me. Most of her online accounts are linked to one another so she feels crippled at the moment. I know that I should have started learning about online back-ups the moment I started starting blogging but the thought has never crossed my mind until now. I am just thankful that I am not in my friend's shoes and I can still very much do something about it! It is really nice to know that you can prevent disaster from happening as long as you know the right enterprise IT services and way to do it. So goodbye for now while I back up my blogs.

April 15, 2012

Of Rooster and Wild flowers

Just some of the things that my son took photos of while we were in Montalban: these wild flowers and the rooster below. Some things that they do not see everyday at our house in the city.
And we wake up the crow of this rooster every morning!
We really are in a place where animals and plants, and people too can enjoy fresh air and cleaner surroundings!

April 13, 2012

Vaporizers and Humidifiers

For the longest time, I have been suffering from sinusitis. I already a surgery some years ago, but coupled with rhinitis, this has been plaguing me for some time now. Therefore, I have lost my sense of smell. Lost may be an overstatement, but there are more times when I cant smell a thing! And this is where humidifiers and vaporizers are a big help to me. Have you ever heard of molecular gastronomy? Well, its a kind of cooking technique where the flavor or aroma is extracted via a vaporizer and infused in the air to make a different eating sensation. I can definitely relate to that because a strong aroma can make the food tastes way better and make the dining experience a lot times more enjoyable! Another thing that can make people like me smell and enjoy the sensation is by trying out vapir no2. It is a cordless, handheld and portable vaporizer that once can easily carry around. Seriously, I have never tried a vaporizer before but I have had experience with humidifiers since with my sinusitis when I cant really sleep properly. But vaping is something that I can seriously consider trying. And for others out there, you can check VaporExperts for other vaporizers for your needs.

April 8, 2012

Our Home Vacation

We have been staying at our Montalban home since Thursday after we did our Visita Iglesia and it is both very simple, restful and fulfilling. Nothing very special, but we been together and spending the lenten season at home. We have been watching mass and reflections on TV, watching horror movies from the laptop and just chilling.
We have also been watching the sunset, and the beautiful farm before us!
The kids are having a grand time playing, just enjoying each other's company, without gadgets to distract them.
And we have been feasting as well!
Our long weekend at home is really very simple yet I feel a certain peace that I have been looking for. I feel blessed, having a beautiful home, and the people whom I love and who loves me back are with me. What else can I ask for?

April 5, 2012

My Humble Home

This is my humble home, a dream in the making. Just like my life, it started from a dream and determination. Despite the many challenges that this home has gone through, it survived. And it will continue to something that we will be working on. This Easter vacation, we are staying here for a time to reflect on the value of this home to our family. I love this humble home that is a product of our hard work and love! Can you find any home as pretty as this in my heart?

Welcome home!

April 1, 2012

Summer Vacation Officially Starts Now!

On Thursday, we will all be in vacation as work takes a break in observance of the Holy Week. And as our usual custom, we will spend the long weekend at the dream house. I always look forward to spending more than the weekend here because I am really able to take a rest, both physically and mentally. The kids also has a bigger space for play and the bigger kids can explore and meet new friends in this new place. My husband and I are also to do more housekeeping and repairs and we already have to get in touch with a plumber and somebody to repair the roof. My mom, she feels more at home here. There is really nothing special to do here, but when you are in your home, then everything takes a new meaning!

I know that someday, we will be able to check out Airbnb and enjoy ourselves choosing Miami vacation rentals. I would really love to go abroad and experience the good life and enjoy a vacation somewhere different. But as of now, I will have to work a little more harder to save to build the second floor and finally have our home blessed. In the meantime, we will just enjoy our 5-day stay and just love our family vacation!