April 20, 2012

Online Back up and Disaster Recovery

Do you regularly back-up your blog and other online storage? I am ashamed to admit that I have never even done it once for the longest time that I have been blogging and only yesterday when I found out that my friend's email has been hacked and she cant access anything did it crossed my mind to check it out! I am now looking at zetta.net and checking out thoroughly how I may have an enterprise-grade online back-up and disaster recovery plan set-up. It is really not a laughing matter because I can see how frustrated my friend is and she has been blogging longer than me. Most of her online accounts are linked to one another so she feels crippled at the moment. I know that I should have started learning about online back-ups the moment I started starting blogging but the thought has never crossed my mind until now. I am just thankful that I am not in my friend's shoes and I can still very much do something about it! It is really nice to know that you can prevent disaster from happening as long as you know the right enterprise IT services and way to do it. So goodbye for now while I back up my blogs.

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