June 23, 2012

Choosing the Proper Flooring For Your House

Choosing the proper flooring for your house is really a big decision. Remember that you would have to live with that flooring for  long time.  You cannot just change your mind and have it replaced because it is very costly and time consuming.  I decided before that I wanted white floor tiles for my house and when it was installed, I found it too boring and lacking in personality.  I would have really preferred to have natural hardwood for my floors.  But its too late now because I don't have the budget to have it replaced.  So for you out there that are  still in the process of choosing of your flooring, you get more information here while you still have time. I would really suggest that you get samples of the flooring that you like, then put it on the floor and see how it looks. Get as many samples as you like so you have many choices.  Don't rush into making the decision to choose the flooring and consider everything.  Make a list of your considerations before you finally decide. It may seem a little too tedious, but I'm sure that it would be a lot of fun too!

June 22, 2012

Stock Market for Beginners

When I was in college, I was fascinated with the stock market and on the story of how many people became rich of it.  I read about their stories and followed movement of some stocks that I would have bought if I were to start investing in the stock market.  However, life get in the way and I got a job that did not give me the kind of exposure that would enable me to properly try my hand at investing.  So after 15 years, I am now  in a job that is all about investment and my interest on the stock market has picked up again.  I am currently reading some tips on stock market for beginners and here are some of them:

1. Take stock investing seriously.  It may feel like gambling, but it is not.  You can really earn, as long as you study each stock that you will buy.
2. Learn basic accounting principles, reading an annual report and the history of the stock market.  If you know the game, you will know how it works.
3. Read the business section of the newspaper and be on the look out for trends and investment opportunities.
4. Buy low and sell high is the game, but be sure to know how it works.  Be patient and your investment will grow.

I am currently reading Timothy Sykes and hot technology penny stocks.  I know that I have a lot to learn before I take the plunge.  And I am lucky to be surrounded by people who knows about the stock market, and would willingly answer my questions. I really have to think a lot and study a lot before I can say that I am ready to start playing the stock market.

June 19, 2012

Natural Hardwood vs Tiles

If I have the budget and the energy to have our floor re-done, I would have opted for natural hardwood instead of floor tiles that I had installed in our house.  Just this morning, I realized that I really enjoy buffing our floor with coconut husk, like we do in the old days and I won't be able to do this in our dream house!  With floor tiles, I will just need to have a mop to clean it and I know it is so easy but there is just no personality on white floor tiles.  If I at least couldn't have the nice natural hardwood at flooringamerica-richmond.com, then I should have opted for tiles that are of the wood design. But still, there is something to be said about wooden floors.  Not only the added exercise that I can get from buffing the floor, but the personality that the house will acquire over the wear and tear of the wood.  With tiles, they just get broken or chipped, while wood retain its personality, even its charm over the years.  Of course, at the back of my mind there is that nagging thing about flooding and what it will do to the natural hardwood, but hey, one can dream, right? And this blog is not called building my dream house if I cannot put down what I really want for it, except that I don't have enough resources right now! Well, back to the drawing, I meant, dreaming board then!

June 16, 2012

How to Make A Happy Post!

I believe that there is always something to be happy about.  I just look around the house and I am immediately reminded of four big reasons for my happiness: my husband, and my three kids.  And of course, there is my mom, my sister Kris and my sister Dianne and her family.  They are the people that makes my life meaningful.  I may not have of money and I may even lack lots of things, but with them healthy and safe around me, I know that I am luckier than most.  So it is quiet easy for me to make a happy post: just put their names and funny emoticons to describe them and my post is a happy one already!  And those are just for the people in my house and in my family.  If I have to count  little farther, I can always count on my two best friends, Ehms and Rona, to be with me in happiness and in pain.  They give me reasons to be happy because they have been great friends since college.  And when I count my friends at the office, then this will be an even happier post!  My office mates are such characters that I would need a whole bunch of crazy emoticons to make a sensible post!  So this how I can make a happy post: just start by counting my friends and I am not even starting to count my blessings!

June 15, 2012

Bills, Bills Bills

You know what, utility bills, like death and taxes are inescapable.  I hate that I pay too much for those bills just because we don't have our own meters.  This has gone on for far too long and its way past irritating: its a nuisance.  Wish I do not care too much about world peace, ha ha and would just go for an all out war.  Now, that would be a sight to see.  But, I would rather pay the bills than live in a constant state of irritation.   I am just irritated once a month. Ha ha! I really wish I can live in my own home already and stop thinking about these things.  Unfortunately, our home is just too faraway for now, both literally and figuratively.  So, for now, i wish this stop irritating me to bits!

June 10, 2012

Terror de Manila

Photo courtesy of Carlos Celdran
This is just wrong.  DMCI, one of the biggest real estate developer in the country has this project, Torre de Manila that once finished, will be visible behind the image of our national hero.  Every picture that we would take there will always have that condo as a backdrop! 
Then we wont be able to have images like this anymore! How could the City of Manila allow such a development that will destroy the sight line of our nation's pride?  

Let us all make a noise and encourage prospective buyers to stay away from Terror De Manila!

June 8, 2012

Weekend Warrior Mode

It is the last weekend before classes officially start for my kids and this is going to be a busy weekend for me.  While I already prepared their uniforms the week before, I still have to iron them tomorrow.  And if there is chore that I hate doing, it is ironing clothes.  I sometimes bribe my sister to do this for me, since we don't have any helper at home, but she is worse at it than me so it really doesn't work well for us.  Good thing they finished covering their school books and they are preparing their school bags today.  We have also sorted their socks, handkerchiefs and inner shirts so we are okay to start the weekend.  Now, if only I don't have to iron any uniform then I would have had a perfect weekend.  I was so into weekend warrior mode these past few weeks so all our clothes cabinets were sorted out and we gave away lots of stuff already. If I were not scheduled to prepare their school uniforms these weekend, I would love to be in a salon, enjoying a peaceful afternoon of nail and hand care! But as it is, I have to be in my best weekend warrior mode and work myself up to enjoy doing all these stuff, ha ha.

June 4, 2012

Better Safe Than Sorry

The rainy season is almost upon us and I can't help but become apprehensive once more about flooding.  I can still remember how Typhoon Ondoy ravaged our house, both this house in Montalban and the one we are renting in Quezon City and how hopeless I felt after.  Of course, I really cannot know then that it could happen and I guess half of Metro Manila was not prepared as well.  But this time, I know that flooding is a possibility in our house and it is better to start looking for cheap insurance quotes both for our house and for our car.  I will really cry and blame myself if the same things should happen and I am not prepared. It was a good thing that our amortization also includes insurance for the house and the money that we received helped to rebuild the house once more.  But one can never really be too sure and it is best to really get insurance.  The weather has changed a lot and flooding is almost a fact of life now.  I just wish that I can afford some cheap insurance, or at least one that I can afford to invest in for my peace of mind as well.