July 25, 2012

No More Flood Please!

Every year, as soon as the rainy season starts, I feel apprehensive about floods and any news about them.  If you have been a long time reader of this blog, you would remember that this dream house felt the wrath of Typhoon Ondoy some 3 years ago.  In October 2009, our house was flooded up to the ceiling, and the mud that was left after was ankle deep.  We spent a lot of money cleaning up and fixing the place.  We got some insurance money and took out another loan from the bank to make our house look this way.  So every time I hear some news about the water levels on rivers and dams getting higher than normal, I am worried.  We have new floors, new dining table and chairs and new appliances at our weekend house and I dont want them to get flooded again!  While I really would love to change our flooring after looking at northportflooring-america.com/ , I would rather that it is because I want to change them and not because they were flooded!  We are hoping to save more money to build the second floor of this dream house but since our priority at this time is the college fund for our eldest son, the dream is now on hold.  So I am just praying for no more continuous rains which mean no more flood!  And I think that is the prayer of every one else during this season.

July 19, 2012

Of College Entrance Tests and Exams

My eldest child is currently on his third year in high school and this early, I am already looking at colleges and universities that offer his preferred course in college.  He is currently thinking of getting a degree in Geology and there are only 2 or 3 schools offering them now.  This makes it harder to get into those schools so I am seriously thinking of hiring a gmat tutor to increase his chances of being accepted.  My best friend's daughter who is now in her last year in high school, is listing down her choices of tutors and I am glad that Veritas Prep is on her list because how she will fare will help me make the decision for next year!  I keep telling my son that I got accepted on a state university and my college education was paid for by the state, and he should just follow my route to do away with all these expenses.  But he wisely replied, and I have to agree, that times have indeed changed and getting into a university is now such a competition and one has to make these investments to have better chances.  Since education is the only thing that I can give my children, might as well spend for it and hope to get the best!

Commercial Cleaning: You Need One!

No matter how much we do a thorough cleaning of our houses every day, dirt will still accumulate after a while.  And this is something that frustrates me very much because I cannot stand a dirty house.  I want my house to look and feel clean, and smell good.  My friend, who owns a two-story house and has a stay-in helper, told me that the secret to her house looking always new and clean is, she hires a crew from a commercial cleaner. She gushes how having professionals do a once-a-month job is really worth the money she pays for them because her house, though it is five years old, looks like a showroom!  You cannot see any speck of dirt and even hard to reach places are clean.  We all love going to her house and she is proud of it too because we know that she is living in her dream home.  And I guess if you really love the house, you will spare no expense in trying to keep in nice. And it was a good idea too to have commercial cleaners because they really do a good job. So the last time that I was at her house, I asked her for the name of her cleaners, and I really got interested at Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems.  So if you want to check them out too, here are some further info to help you out.

Tiles or Carpet?

I love the feel of carpet on my feet and I love how there are many designs that one can choose from to decorate the house.  With a good carpet, a room can be transformed from blah to pizzaz!!! But, my mom will skin me alive if I were to put carpet on our house because she has sworn them off when one of my kids developed strong allergies from the dust that accumulates on them. No matter how often we vacuum the carpet,  my kids will always start sneezing like crazy and scratch on their skin until it bleeds.  Good thing that there are wonderfully designed tiles that I can live with.  The ones I saw when we shop tile the other week were really chic looking and would definitely add more personality to our white-tiled floor. There are designs that look like beautiful carpets from afar without the added burden of carpet cleaning! I brought my mom with me when I was looking at those tiles and she loved them.  I really just have to order the designs I love and schedule changing our floor tiles. I know that it will be again very messy, but I can wait for two to see my tiles that look like carpet on my floor! I am excited already!

July 13, 2012

My Dream Wedding

All girls dream of getting in that white dress, walking down the aisle at the church and looking at her dream man, waiting for her at the altar to begin a life of happily ever after.  And I am one those girls, despite being married to my husband for almost 15 years now. Our wedding was at the office of a judge, at his office at the top of a food chain in Manila.  Not very romantic, but I was young and already pregnant with our first child.  But I have never given up on my dream of being married in church and we plan to have it on our 25th wedding anniversary.  By then, my eldest son and second son, would have already finished college and starting their careers and my youngest will be in college.  I can only imagine how fun it would be to look for dresses for bridesmaids, who of course, are my best friends Ron and Ehms and my sister Dianne.  My youngest sister and my daughter will be my bridesmaids and we will plan my dream wedding the WeddingtonWay.  I know that I can really have my dream wedding 10 years from now and it is indeed a dream to look forward to!

July 6, 2012

Building My Dream House

This blog, Building My Dream House was my attempt to chronicle our journey towards owning and building a home for our family.  When we first took out a housing loan from a non-profit organization, we were so excited that we were already on our way to owning a house, albeit a low-cost rowhouse.  It was really an accomplishment, as both me and my husband came from families who were just renting and did not own property. 

But we were not able to move in at once, because we live in Sta Mesa where everything was accessible: the kid's school, the church, the malls and our workplace.  We ended up paying for the house but not living at it for almost 3 years.  Until one time when we went there to visit and it broke my heart that well-intentioned neighbor put his dog on the house to prevent vandals from coming in.  He also made it his storage area!  Right then, I knew we had to do something and there began construction for the house.

And the, Typhoon Ondoy happened. Our house, like most in the city was flooded and mud was almost knee deep.  With the help of friends and families and some insurance money, we got our house back in shape and the construction commenced again.  The first picture above is the current state of my house.

We also had tiles installed.  It is actually not my first choice because I would have preferred to get hardwood flooring I saw at http://www.coultersflooringtulare.com/hardwood-flooring that I loved so much!  But we had to have tiles instead because they were cheaper in case we got flooded again.

So when I sum up our journey towards building this house of our dreams from scratch and what we went through to have it looking very homey right now, I feel a sense of accomplishment.  The universe has indeed conspired to help make this dream come true!  Indeed, there are still lots of things to be done, like the second floor, but I know that God will still provide for this wonderful dream!  I just have to believe!

July 5, 2012

Life is Beautiful

I may not have the most beautiful house.  I may not have the best job.  I may not be getting the highest accolades from other people.  But I have my family and I am complete.  And for that, life will always be beautiful!

Home is where your heart is and my mine belongs to each and every one of them.  Our house may or may not be flood prone and we may be staying in a cramped one-bedroom house in the city, but I would rather be there than somewhere else without my family.  And for that, my home is my dream home.  And what a beautiful home it is!

July 2, 2012

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