July 6, 2012

Building My Dream House

This blog, Building My Dream House was my attempt to chronicle our journey towards owning and building a home for our family.  When we first took out a housing loan from a non-profit organization, we were so excited that we were already on our way to owning a house, albeit a low-cost rowhouse.  It was really an accomplishment, as both me and my husband came from families who were just renting and did not own property. 

But we were not able to move in at once, because we live in Sta Mesa where everything was accessible: the kid's school, the church, the malls and our workplace.  We ended up paying for the house but not living at it for almost 3 years.  Until one time when we went there to visit and it broke my heart that well-intentioned neighbor put his dog on the house to prevent vandals from coming in.  He also made it his storage area!  Right then, I knew we had to do something and there began construction for the house.

And the, Typhoon Ondoy happened. Our house, like most in the city was flooded and mud was almost knee deep.  With the help of friends and families and some insurance money, we got our house back in shape and the construction commenced again.  The first picture above is the current state of my house.

We also had tiles installed.  It is actually not my first choice because I would have preferred to get hardwood flooring I saw at http://www.coultersflooringtulare.com/hardwood-flooring that I loved so much!  But we had to have tiles instead because they were cheaper in case we got flooded again.

So when I sum up our journey towards building this house of our dreams from scratch and what we went through to have it looking very homey right now, I feel a sense of accomplishment.  The universe has indeed conspired to help make this dream come true!  Indeed, there are still lots of things to be done, like the second floor, but I know that God will still provide for this wonderful dream!  I just have to believe!

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