July 19, 2012

Of College Entrance Tests and Exams

My eldest child is currently on his third year in high school and this early, I am already looking at colleges and universities that offer his preferred course in college.  He is currently thinking of getting a degree in Geology and there are only 2 or 3 schools offering them now.  This makes it harder to get into those schools so I am seriously thinking of hiring a gmat tutor to increase his chances of being accepted.  My best friend's daughter who is now in her last year in high school, is listing down her choices of tutors and I am glad that Veritas Prep is on her list because how she will fare will help me make the decision for next year!  I keep telling my son that I got accepted on a state university and my college education was paid for by the state, and he should just follow my route to do away with all these expenses.  But he wisely replied, and I have to agree, that times have indeed changed and getting into a university is now such a competition and one has to make these investments to have better chances.  Since education is the only thing that I can give my children, might as well spend for it and hope to get the best!

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