August 29, 2012

Calamity Loan for House Repairs

The company I work for offered a calamity loan for those affected by the recent typhoon. The term of the loan is very generous: 6-months zero percent interest and salary deduction.  I availed of this loan because the roof of our house leaked during the heavy rains and we are indeed due for some house repairs.  My mother-in-law who owns the house we are renting is now asking for a quote on how much we need to budget for these repairs.  The roof is the priority actually but I cant help but dream that I can also have the floor tiles installed.  Unfortunately, the loan being offered is not enough to have both the roof and the floor fixed so for now, I am just looking at Downs carpet to satisfy my need to beautify the floor.  Good thing that the carpet that I am looking at looks really good and is priced just right.  Otherwise, I would have to cut the budget for the roof! Although there are other loans being offered for those victims of typhoon, I would rather wait when we have saved enough for other repairs.  The priority now is to change rotting roof sheets so that we wont get panicky again when it rains.