August 18, 2012

Dream House

LMG Projects
I love watching home improvement shows.  I like how they transform an ordinary home into a family's dream house.  It is really my dream to have a beautiful house that I can fill with everything that I love.  Our current home, where we are renting is very small and of course, we cannot make any improvements because its not ours.  But we can only do so much with paints and curtains and while my house here looks okay, I dream of something more.  And while our Montalban is big and we can do with it as we please, I am not sure anymore if we are just throwing good money after bad because of the recent flooding.  What I really want is to build a home from the ground up, using these wonderful materials from Lazer Marble and Granite. I want something like the bath above and luxuriate in a bath to soothe my body.  I want a living area with marble floors and a kitchen with granite counter tops.  This is going to be a dream that I really want to have someday.  Now, it is not yet possible because we are building another dream, that of sending the kids to a nice school.  But once the kids have careers of their own, one day, I will have this dream house.

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