August 10, 2012

Flooded Again, Ondoy Redux

We live in a compound in Santol Quezon City and our house is located at the lowest portion of the street.  During heavy rains, our street gets flooded but the water subsides immediately after.  I have been living here with my family for 15 years and this is only the second time that the flood water reached our house! This is like Ondoy,  thankfully, on a smaller scale!
When the water reached our gate and the rain was still pouring like crazy on Tuesday, we were already on alert mode and started packing things to be moved to the second floor of my my moms-in-law house. Unlike Ondoy when most of our things got wet because we didn't think the water would reach up to our chest, we prepared for the worst and had almost everything brought to the other house!
During Ondoy, the water rose immediately up to chest level and by the time we wanted to move our clothes piled on top of cabinets and chairs, we were already tired and resigned and the cabinets were toppling over and everything got submerged.  
 Our washing machine got wet last time too so everything had to be washed by hand.  This time, our washing machine was already up on chairs and was ready to be moved again if the water rises once more.
Thankfully, the highest that the water reached was up to our knees and everything was safely moved to the other house. Only the refrigerator got submerged as my husband was not yet home to move it to higher ground.  Anyway, we will just keep it off for a few days and it will be good as new again just like last time. 
One thing I learned after Ondoy was to take no chances.  We moved everything because it would be easier to put them back again than to try to save and clean wet stuff.  It was also very fortunate that I now keep canned goods, noodles and biscuits otherwise we would have to wade through the waters to get to a sari-sari store.  We were not so fortunate during Ondoy because we underestimated the flood but we were prepared now, thank God.  I really feel so bad for people who had to experience this again and I know that despite the inconvenience, we are again luckier than most.  Of course, our house in Montalban is another blog post all together!

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