October 30, 2012

Getting the House Ready for Christmas

Time flies so fast and its now just a little more than a month before Christmas! And Christmas, being the season of giving and sharing makes us open our homes to our friends and families.  I expect to have lots of parties and to be invited in lots of homes too! So this early, we are already getting our house ready for this occasion.  Since we have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas, we are planning on inviting my sister's family to stay for the holiday.  And to prepare, we are thinking of re-painting the house in a festive yellow color to make it look extra alive and clean.  We don't think we need to replace our sofa because we just bought it last year.  Maybe  we will just buy a coverlet or have it re-upholstered, depending on the budget.  We are also thinking of getting new carpets to accent our living room.  Good thing I saw this great sale where you can Get $100 off carpet today!  And I can choose from a variety of design that will showcase my home.  I am so excited to be getting new carpets and I know my house will look wonderful, homey and ready to receive my  family and friends.

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