October 7, 2012

More Home Improvement Ideas

My friends and I were sharing horror stories of our home improvement experiences over brunch this weekend.  Ana had her house painted, and it chipped and cracked after less than a month. Rhea had her roof repaired and it leaked just last weekend! And the leak almost made the whole ceiling collapse.  And I told them about the time when we had our floor tiled and some already got chipped even before the whole floor was done.   They had a hard time looking for their contractors to have the job done all over again.  And aside from spending more, the time and effort spent in home improvement is indeed an investment. It really is not easy to make home improvements especially when you are working on a tight budget.  I told them that I am saving up to have the floor tiles changed and that I am looking at various flooring choices. I am thinking of getting ceramic tiles and my friends agreed with me that it is a good choice.We also discussed getting wooden floors, carpets or vinyl and it was a morning well-spent talking about home improvements. I love how I was able to catch up with my friends and learn new improvement ideas at the same time!

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