November 21, 2012

Time for Taxes

My husband just transferred from one work to another and its now time again to fill out a new income tax form for his current employer. He has to fill out the forms so that his taxes will be according to his income and number of dependents. He is married with 3 kids, and the tax exemption for the dependents will take out a big chunk of his tax due for payment.  I am also telling him to follow up his tax forms from his previous employer because it has to be filed together with his new forms so that his taxes can be counted accordingly.  Taxes take up more than 25 percent of our income and it is indeed huge.  The money that we can save form taxes will be a big help for our other needs.  And while I know that the taxes we pay fund the government and our needs for roads, hospitals, schools and other public services, I just hope that every body pay accordingly and equitably.  I also hope that the money being collected from taxpayers are spent properly for basic services so that I won't feel bad especially when I see unfinished bridges and very bad roads.  And while we are on the subject of taxes, it also means its time for real property tax payments for the dream house. More expenses!

November 6, 2012

My Office Plants

Remember my post about how I would like to recycle some glass containers and hope to use them for my office plants? Well, I finally was able to get around to planting water plants and here they are now:

I brought some white sands from our recent trip to Boracay which I really intend to use here and they did quite nicely.  Unfortunately, the plant on the tall glass look quite unhealthy.  I just got them from our neighbor who was pruning their plants but when I look at the leaves, they have some sort of discoloration.
Anyway, I just hope that the plants recover soon.  I washed the sands a lot of time, and have been changing the water everyday as soon as I get to the office because the water may still be salty.  I want them to be a little better before I give them to my friends for them to take good care of!  My desk is starting to look like a garden, as it is!

For Rent

Serious na talaga, I am going to have my house rented out. Hmmm, now, how does this work? First, I have to make a For Rent sign, then wait for somebody to contact me, then we will go from there. Okay, wish me luck!  Now, all I have to do is to find time to got there and put up that sign! Oh, and how much should I rent it out? Hayyyy. Decisions, decisions!

November 3, 2012

No Time For Rest

The kids are on a 2-week break but I don't know what their teachers scheduling the periodic exams after the long holiday! In most schools, or in schools I know, they finish the exams before the kids go on break.  But the teachers in my kids have a better idea: we can't have rest or go on vacation because the kids need to study!  I have raised this concern in several meetings already but they don't listen to us.  So because of this, we only went to Batangas last November 1 and rushed back home the following day.  If only I can hire some tutors, like those woodmere english tutors, then I won't have to worry at all about helping them study.  Anyway, the kids already started with their review before the vacation and they already have their reviewers ready so it won't be as tedious this time!  But I will have the kids rest and play until Sunday and then study on Monday and Tuesday.  Its a plan and we will have some sort of rest, though we cant really go on a vacation!  Maybe will just do the needed R&R on a weekend after their exams, if my schedule and my husband's schedule permit.

Best Time To Have The Floors Done

The kids are on a two-week vacation due to the holidays brought about by All Saints Day and because its their semestral break.  I was thinking if I can already have the floors done while they are on break.  According to the carpenter I talked to, it will take 2-3 days for them to finish the floor tiles installation at the living room, and another day for the room.  I was wondering if this is as fast and as good as the floor installation Humble TX guys that I was looking at the other day. I want it over before the Christmas season but since our house is small, everything in the house will be put on hold while the floors are being done! Everything will be filled with dust and we wont be able to stay on the house and might even have to sleep next door at my in-laws! And then I remember that the kids will have their periodical exams when school resumes so I am having second thoughts on whether I should have the floors done now. Or maybe on the first week of December?  If we cant have it done before the year ends, then we will have it done by summer break.  And I was so looking forward to having our house ready for Christmas!