November 3, 2012

Best Time To Have The Floors Done

The kids are on a two-week vacation due to the holidays brought about by All Saints Day and because its their semestral break.  I was thinking if I can already have the floors done while they are on break.  According to the carpenter I talked to, it will take 2-3 days for them to finish the floor tiles installation at the living room, and another day for the room.  I was wondering if this is as fast and as good as the floor installation Humble TX guys that I was looking at the other day. I want it over before the Christmas season but since our house is small, everything in the house will be put on hold while the floors are being done! Everything will be filled with dust and we wont be able to stay on the house and might even have to sleep next door at my in-laws! And then I remember that the kids will have their periodical exams when school resumes so I am having second thoughts on whether I should have the floors done now. Or maybe on the first week of December?  If we cant have it done before the year ends, then we will have it done by summer break.  And I was so looking forward to having our house ready for Christmas!

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