November 6, 2012

My Office Plants

Remember my post about how I would like to recycle some glass containers and hope to use them for my office plants? Well, I finally was able to get around to planting water plants and here they are now:

I brought some white sands from our recent trip to Boracay which I really intend to use here and they did quite nicely.  Unfortunately, the plant on the tall glass look quite unhealthy.  I just got them from our neighbor who was pruning their plants but when I look at the leaves, they have some sort of discoloration.
Anyway, I just hope that the plants recover soon.  I washed the sands a lot of time, and have been changing the water everyday as soon as I get to the office because the water may still be salty.  I want them to be a little better before I give them to my friends for them to take good care of!  My desk is starting to look like a garden, as it is!

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