November 3, 2012

No Time For Rest

The kids are on a 2-week break but I don't know what their teachers scheduling the periodic exams after the long holiday! In most schools, or in schools I know, they finish the exams before the kids go on break.  But the teachers in my kids have a better idea: we can't have rest or go on vacation because the kids need to study!  I have raised this concern in several meetings already but they don't listen to us.  So because of this, we only went to Batangas last November 1 and rushed back home the following day.  If only I can hire some tutors, like those woodmere english tutors, then I won't have to worry at all about helping them study.  Anyway, the kids already started with their review before the vacation and they already have their reviewers ready so it won't be as tedious this time!  But I will have the kids rest and play until Sunday and then study on Monday and Tuesday.  Its a plan and we will have some sort of rest, though we cant really go on a vacation!  Maybe will just do the needed R&R on a weekend after their exams, if my schedule and my husband's schedule permit.

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