December 31, 2012

The Firecrackers We Allow

If it were up to me lone, my kids will only have noisemakers and lots of food on new year.  Unfortunately, my husband grew up in a firecracker-loving family so he is okay with our kids trying out firecrackers.  But these are the only ones they are allowed to touch.
They bought these firecrackers just a while ago, already selling at cheap prices.  They will only be lit with adult supervision and with strict reminders never to touch the lighted part, or if it fails to ignite, to just throw it.
I think this is okay as long as the kids are well supervised so they can enjoy themselves too!  Happy New Year everyone and keep safe!

December 28, 2012

Update on Withdrawal of Pag-Ibig Fund Contribution

Remember my posts about withdrawing  Pag-Ibig fund contributions for my boss who permanently left the country to reside abroad? Well, remember I first filed for her in 2011 since she gave me a special power of attorney for this. Since it was not approved initially because she only had multiple visa on her passport, we waited until she got her permanent residency.  Last week, when I went there again, the documents had to be authenticated by the Phil consul (red ribbon) since she is already abroad.  When we first filed it, she was still in the country.  Now that she is residing there, the red ribbon is required.  And the special power of attorney has to be issued to a next of kin, or if not, like me, I was her staff, a proof of relationship to me (e.g. her old company ID and my ID as well).  She finally decided that it would be too difficult to have the documents authenticated so she will just file it when she come home for vacation next year.  According to the girl at Pag-Ibig, they can process the documents for her in less than a week when she comes here so she can show her passport.  Oh, and remember, a check will be issued so you must have a bank account where you can deposit the check.

December 10, 2012

Exams Before The Holidays

It's that time of the year again, with just a few days before Christmas and my to-do list is overflowing! Since I only have a few hours after work and the weekends to do my errands and Christmas shopping, I am really behind schedule.  And to add to the stress of the holiday season, my kids are having their third periodical exams next week, and we are all in panic! I wish I can take off a day from work to tutor them, or maybe hire  somebody like the New Jersey tutors or somebody special like the ones I've read about varsity tutors.  My sister, who tutors my kids, is also busy with her own school stuff since she is already a candidate for graduation.  She is also applying for internship and even busier than I am, if you could believe that! Anyway, I am sure we will find a way to finish everything by next week and maybe I will just take a day off to tutor them. Then we can all relax and be ready to enjoy the holidays.  I really should plan my shopping activities earlier and not just wait for the last time to do it that I have more time to tutor my kids. I will remember this for next year, ha ha ha.

December 7, 2012

Withdrawal of Pag-Ibig Fund Contribution

Remember when I blogged about how to withdraw your contributions from Pag-Ibig Fund last year? We were not able to finish that transaction because then, her passport was only stamped with multiple entry visa and the requirement was a proof of her permanent residency abroad.  

She was able to get her approved migrant visa so I will file again with Pag-Ibig next week.  Hope that it will be okay this time! And I will blog about how it goes.  Stay tuned...

December 4, 2012