December 28, 2012

Update on Withdrawal of Pag-Ibig Fund Contribution

Remember my posts about withdrawing  Pag-Ibig fund contributions for my boss who permanently left the country to reside abroad? Well, remember I first filed for her in 2011 since she gave me a special power of attorney for this. Since it was not approved initially because she only had multiple visa on her passport, we waited until she got her permanent residency.  Last week, when I went there again, the documents had to be authenticated by the Phil consul (red ribbon) since she is already abroad.  When we first filed it, she was still in the country.  Now that she is residing there, the red ribbon is required.  And the special power of attorney has to be issued to a next of kin, or if not, like me, I was her staff, a proof of relationship to me (e.g. her old company ID and my ID as well).  She finally decided that it would be too difficult to have the documents authenticated so she will just file it when she come home for vacation next year.  According to the girl at Pag-Ibig, they can process the documents for her in less than a week when she comes here so she can show her passport.  Oh, and remember, a check will be issued so you must have a bank account where you can deposit the check.

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