February 25, 2013

I Really Need to Save!

I just came from  6 day, 5 nights vacation from abroad and now, I am broke. I went to see the magnificent Angkor Wat and the nearby temples.  I traveled to Phnom Pehn and was shocked to learn about the history of the killing fields in their not so distant past.  I also went to see the night markets and wished I had more money to spend for the trip.  I immersed myself in the local cuisine and had  a great taste bud adventure too.  I also traveled 6 more hours just to check out the night market in Ho Chi Min City.  And now that I am at home, I have no money, but I have lots of happy memories.  But I want to go back since this travel is with friends, so next time, I will be with my husband and college friends. So this is the reason why I need to save. I don't want to get the services of bankruptcy lawyers, even great ones like some Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney because of spending too much on my only vice, which is traveling. From now on, I will have another account where I will put some money for my trips. I am looking forward to more budget travels and maybe some with a little more budget than most.

February 7, 2013

Montalban's Sierra Madre Mountains

We were on our home last Sunday from our house in Montalban when my kids asked why the Sierra Madre mountain is brown.  And indeed, why o why? I cant very much see from where our car was but I am guessing its because of the quarrying in the mountain. Montalban was flooded during Ondoy and then again during Habagat.  I hope we take care more of our mountains.  I want my kids to still be able to enjoy these mountains!

February 6, 2013

Hello Again, My House!

Last weekend, my husband had his rare day-off from work scheduled on a Sunday.  So I had this grand idea that we will go there on Saturday later afternoon, spend the night, go swimming at a nearby resort, and go back to Sta Mesa early Sunday evening.  We have not visited out home for almost three months already and I really, really miss our home.  So the day before, I paid for our water bill and called to make sure that it was not yet disconnected.  We really had a bad experience about it once.

It was nice to discover that construction on our neighbor's house is on going, which means that vandals wont be doing harm to our unoccupied house as soon as they move in to theirs. The empty lot in front our house is also clean, with no mountain of garbage and animal wastes! 
 There are also more neighbors on the interior houses, meaning more people to look after our home.  Oh, in case you are wondering, our neighbors really do care after our house because they text me when something looks odd. Like the time when my husband forgot to lock the front door and it opened slightly.
 This is the beautiful view from my front porch.  Imagine waking up to this view everyday and just looking at it while sipping coffee. Yes, that's what I did last weekend! It indeed felt like coming home!
And a stay at our home will not be complete without a delicious breakfast to start the day.  Instead of swimming, we just spent the day eating, watching movies and eating some more.  I forgot to take pictures of dinner and lunch because I was just too lazy, haha.  A visit to my dream house really makes me happy and peaceful and I know that we will live here for good , soon!

February 2, 2013

I am Renting the House Out!

For all of you who have been reading this blog for some time now, you would know that this house has been built from our sheer determination.  My only wish is to have a beautiful house since I never had one when I was growing up.  I was shuffled from one house to another, and I vowed that when I am working, I would try to build a house for my own family.  Unfortunately for now, this dream house is so far from everything that we currently have in the house that we are renting that we have never really decided to move.  And now, a decision has been made: we will rent the house out!  It has been three months since we've been there, no thanks to the new job of my husband that makes planning our schedules impossible.  But we are going there today, to clean up, decide when to install Bidet King, and put up a "for rent" sign.  It really is against my wishes, but with our expenses going up, we need an additional income and the house might as well serve this purpose.  I just wish that whoever we get as tenants would love my dream house as much as I do!