February 6, 2013

Hello Again, My House!

Last weekend, my husband had his rare day-off from work scheduled on a Sunday.  So I had this grand idea that we will go there on Saturday later afternoon, spend the night, go swimming at a nearby resort, and go back to Sta Mesa early Sunday evening.  We have not visited out home for almost three months already and I really, really miss our home.  So the day before, I paid for our water bill and called to make sure that it was not yet disconnected.  We really had a bad experience about it once.

It was nice to discover that construction on our neighbor's house is on going, which means that vandals wont be doing harm to our unoccupied house as soon as they move in to theirs. The empty lot in front our house is also clean, with no mountain of garbage and animal wastes! 
 There are also more neighbors on the interior houses, meaning more people to look after our home.  Oh, in case you are wondering, our neighbors really do care after our house because they text me when something looks odd. Like the time when my husband forgot to lock the front door and it opened slightly.
 This is the beautiful view from my front porch.  Imagine waking up to this view everyday and just looking at it while sipping coffee. Yes, that's what I did last weekend! It indeed felt like coming home!
And a stay at our home will not be complete without a delicious breakfast to start the day.  Instead of swimming, we just spent the day eating, watching movies and eating some more.  I forgot to take pictures of dinner and lunch because I was just too lazy, haha.  A visit to my dream house really makes me happy and peaceful and I know that we will live here for good , soon!

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