February 25, 2013

I Really Need to Save!

I just came from  6 day, 5 nights vacation from abroad and now, I am broke. I went to see the magnificent Angkor Wat and the nearby temples.  I traveled to Phnom Pehn and was shocked to learn about the history of the killing fields in their not so distant past.  I also went to see the night markets and wished I had more money to spend for the trip.  I immersed myself in the local cuisine and had  a great taste bud adventure too.  I also traveled 6 more hours just to check out the night market in Ho Chi Min City.  And now that I am at home, I have no money, but I have lots of happy memories.  But I want to go back since this travel is with friends, so next time, I will be with my husband and college friends. So this is the reason why I need to save. I don't want to get the services of bankruptcy lawyers, even great ones like some Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney because of spending too much on my only vice, which is traveling. From now on, I will have another account where I will put some money for my trips. I am looking forward to more budget travels and maybe some with a little more budget than most.

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