April 18, 2013

Garage Sale!

Last April 9, we decided to do a major cleaning to ready the house for the rainy season. I wanted to make sure that everything will be elevated if and when we are flooded again.  Since we bought a new TV, we asked a carpenter to mount it on the wall, and the computer was mounted too. So I had to take out the wall displays below.  And  now they are being sold on our street, we are doing a garage sale!
The kid's old toys are also on sale,, as well as my husband's shoes.  They are new, and just got messed up while in storage.  There was also an old guitar that was snapped up very quickly because we sold it for only P100. The kids below are looking at toys they can buy for P1 each.
Here are just some of the items that we are selling on the street.  The toys on boxes are sold at P10-P20.
This coming weekend, we will also sell the old TV stand.  Hope we get some money out of this as I want to have a hanging shoe cabinet built over the weekend.  If they don't get sold, we will give them away for free instead of putting them in the trash. At least, somebody might have a use for them.

April 11, 2013

Campaigns and More Campaigns: The Superman Logo

The official campaign season for the local elections have begun so it is not unusual to hear silly and ear piercing jingles all over the place.  And while we are at it, here is a campaign banner that caught my attention as it was using Superman's logo. This is for Bong Suntay who is running as councilor in our district. I just wonder if he is authorized to use that symbol.  There are such things as copyrights and trademarks and licenses and stuff.
My husband's nephew said they come in different colors too: red, green and blue.  But I only saw this one morning when I went for a run. Oh well, what do I know.  I am just a lowly citizen, asking a question and they are the politicians and they should know better. Maybe he really can use that logo or something.

Anyway, I am not sure if I will vote for him.  They send us these piles of letters, especially for my younger sister who is a first time voter, spouting their 'accomplishments.' I will set aside one day to read through them and then recycle the papers later, he he so that it will be put to better use.

Making Memories Last

" Collect Moments, Not Things." I believe in this saying, that is why I love to travel so much.  I love being in a place where I get to to do new things and create new memories.  Just like early this year, when we conquered our fears and tried White Water Rafting in Cagayan De Oro and Ziplining in Bukidnon.  I can't swim, so doing an extreme sport like rafting was indeed a dream come true for me.  I made sure that this was documented with pictures on a CD, and to have a back-up, even before we left Cagayan, we looked for a cd burning station. 
And the zipline, which was Asia's longest at 840, 4500 ASL was really scary and really exhilarating! The adrenaline kick was amazing!
These are indeed moments that I will make sure to last and remember.  Aside from immortalizing them on my blog posts and Facebook status, ha ha, I will also make sure to have Cd copies of those adventured safely tucked away so that I can tell my grand kids how 'cool' I was on my heydays, hahahaha. 

April 10, 2013

Your Taxes Will Go A Long, Long Way

This morning, I saw this huge billboard of the BIR and Department of Finance in EDSA-Ortigas. It says "Your Taxes Will Go A Long, Long Way' and the bridge was made up of the words 'taxes.'  I agree with the BIR and DOF actually that we should pay our taxes correctly. Since I am a salaried employee, my taxes are already deducted from my monthly salary.  I have no other income so I dont need to file any additional income tax returns. It is really sad when you hear about people who are able to get away with paying their correct taxes.  Take doctors for example.  I have this personal experience with the obstetrician of my sister.  When we paid her professional fees, I asked for a receipt since we need that as an attachment to my sister's health card.  The assistant said that if we will ask for a receipt, we will need to pay an additional P500 for it. I cant remember what I did then but I think we ended not asking for a receipt since we were begging for a discount.  So, if they do not issue receipts, how are they taxed? Recently, my mother-in-law was hospitalized  and the fee for the doctor was P2,000 and it was written just on a notepad.  We paid it in cash at the cashier, and they just signed on it, no receipt was issued since they were just receiving the payment for the doctor.  And when you ask for a receipt, saying that you will claim for Philhealth, they will say that their fee is already net of Philhealth. Oh well, I just hope that the BIR and the DOF find a way soon to make them pay their taxes correctly.  And I also hope that those taxes are really then used for the service of the people, and not corrupted by a few. One can dream, right?

April 4, 2013

Financial Freedom

I grabbed this from Mich because I really want to have financial freedom. Check out these steps:
So I did and here's what I found out!
1. Not enough money growing up.
2. Spender
3. More money to travel and for emergencies
4. Oh no!
5. I wish have an emergency fund! I almost always only have a travel fund.
6. No insurance whatsoever. Hay.
7. I invest in my kids education by paying their tuition fees.  And I invest in memories that's why I travel.
8. What tax? I am paying too much already, I think!
9. I talk to like minded people, peple like me who only wants to travel, ha ha ha.

I guess its really going to be a long way towards financial freedom for me!