April 18, 2013

Garage Sale!

Last April 9, we decided to do a major cleaning to ready the house for the rainy season. I wanted to make sure that everything will be elevated if and when we are flooded again.  Since we bought a new TV, we asked a carpenter to mount it on the wall, and the computer was mounted too. So I had to take out the wall displays below.  And  now they are being sold on our street, we are doing a garage sale!
The kid's old toys are also on sale,, as well as my husband's shoes.  They are new, and just got messed up while in storage.  There was also an old guitar that was snapped up very quickly because we sold it for only P100. The kids below are looking at toys they can buy for P1 each.
Here are just some of the items that we are selling on the street.  The toys on boxes are sold at P10-P20.
This coming weekend, we will also sell the old TV stand.  Hope we get some money out of this as I want to have a hanging shoe cabinet built over the weekend.  If they don't get sold, we will give them away for free instead of putting them in the trash. At least, somebody might have a use for them.

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