May 31, 2013

Batangas Houses

Two weeks ago, we went to Sta. Rota in Batangas on the invitation of our friend Karen.  It was their fiesta, and despite it being a week day, we took a leave from work to visit her.  She was leaving for work abroad in a few days, so it was also sort of a reunion. Aside from the warm hospitality of our hosts and the delicious food, I had a great time admiring the houses that we visited.

We went to a total of 5 house, and I was really impressed and awed at the houses that we saw, and these are just two of them.  The first one is Karen's home and the next one below is that of her cousin.
I just love the clean interiors of the house, the bright and homey colors and the furniture that blend well and accentuate their homes.  I really fell in love with these Batangas houses!